Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Children & Auras: Rainbows of Love

I've been fortune to have a few parents who are curious about their childrens' aura. A child's aura is quite unique in that the colors are violets, medium reds, and pinks. Oh yeah, many have lots of spots of white.
What does it really mean?
It is a child's innocent and unconditional love that creates the beauty of their auric colors. They have not yet had long exposures to the Outer World, and as stated in some sacred texts, "be like a child, that is what'll get you into Heaven."
Friendship, That's the Perfect Friendship...
The image I have here are two young friends. With the aura equipment I'm able to capture two auras blending together. Literally, when you are with another - friends, just talking, intimacy, sex - your auras are blending together and creating experiences energetically that make their way into the physical.
Have you ever had the feeling when someone that you are close too is suddenly gone from your life. Well, what has actually happened is your auras have been ripped apart. It leaves big holes, and boy, we sure feel it, don't we.
Red-pink: This is a very loving relationship. It crosses and intertwines into both auric fields.
Purple-Pink (lower left): Notice how it is orb-shaped. The color indicates a very high-vibrational being or presence that is always at the 'right-hand' of this child. In fact, there is someone who crossed over about 2 years ago that persistently is felt by this intuitive child.
White (upper right): White always indicates a direct connection with Source, very divine energy that is quite purse. See how it appears both as if it is coming out of the child's mouth and over the child's crown chakra. This child is divinely protected, as well as when she speaks, it is like "innocents" and "Truth" of a divine nature. This child will be a magnificent public speaker some day. Many people will be drawn to hear her voice. Literally, she speaks AS the Divine.
Love the Little Children
I love working with the young ones. They are not all jaded by life experiences. I have seen some children's aura a bit clouded as a result of an illness. As a general rule, they are pink - unconditional love, and white - Divine.
Until next time...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crystals - Don't Underestimate Their Affect on the Aura


This post I'll share with you something I discovered quite by accident. In one of my aura sessions the client happened to bring a new crystal wand they just bought. They wanted to see the effect on their aura. Just for kicks we thought we'd try a Before and After photos. Well . . . there is. Take a look see.

About the Crystal Wand
The wand is from Seeds of Light and it is composed of the following:
Lemurian Quartz - terminated - on each end
Lapis Lazuli -6 stones
Onyx - 3 stones
Blue Calcite - alternated between the others
All held together with intricate sterling silver.

In general, the auric colors here, the orange and the blue, are quite balanced. On a color wheel you will find they are nearly complimentary colors. This is a great way to tell, as a rule of thumb if the overall colors of the aura are distributed evenly and equally balancing each other. Orange indicates this person has several creative projects they are working on. Blue indicates the spiritual or life purpose energy which activates and balances the creative urges (orange).

The Chakras
In general, the auric colors here, the orange and the blue, are quite balanced. On a color wheel you will find they are nearly complimentary and is a good indicator of balance, polar opposites. Notice how all but two chakras are different colors, shapes, and sizes. Chakra readings go from bottom up.

1st Chakra - Pink: It's small, indicates your Childhood survival kit, using old tools and ways on people so you can get what you think you need. Pink is indicating this person is softening and letting go of old ways, finding more compassionate ways.

2nd & 3rd Chakra - Lavendar: A bit larger than the 1st. Sacral (2nd) and Solar Plexus (3rd) colors and sizes indicate this person is restructuring from a feeling place, not a mental place, of how to proceed with changes they want to see in their life. Lavendar is a higher vibration than other colors with greens, yellows, reds, oranges. It is closer to the ultra-violet end of the color scale. This person is working on aligning their life purpose with their day to day world and how they handle their relationships.

4th Chakra - Orange: This Heart is looking for ways to break down old beliefs and opening to new, creative (orange) ways to connect with other people. This person actually is working on changing is circle of friends. This person is also very resourceful.

5th Chakra - Green: Throat - This person is working on stengthening their power of voice without using force. Sort of like learning how to "articulate, enunciate, and project" without getting angry.

6th Chakra - Red: 3rd Eye - Small, but slowing trying to open. Intensity of red shows they are trying to force it open a bit. It would be beneficial for them to relax, let the psychic realm come to them.

7th Chakra - Yellow: Crown - Medium in size, yellow is very mental/cerebral energy. Yellow in the crown indicates an active seeking for knowledge, trying to access an understanding of how the cosmos is structured. It is a systems-approach to understanding, versus just standing back and seeing what happens.
Now the wand is being held. We were both chakra'd, err, shocked when we saw how quickly and completely the aura changed. All the chakras moved into nearly off the scale colors that the camera could measure. White indicates a direct channel to source.

All the colored bands of the aura became much more coherent. That means the energy field around this person coalesced.

The closest I've seen something like this on a regular basis is on Star Trek when someone stands on the platform of the Transporter Room. Their energy field has to coalese and reorganize in order for matter to be moved through time/space.

This wand was sort of acting like that. The person moved quickly into a meditative state. Look at the shape and size of the chakras! Everything is in a elevated spiritual state.

About the Person
Here's the catch. Not everyone responds to crystals the way this person did. He had been using his intuition to see what he was drawn to regarding using a crystal wand over other intuitive tools. Once he decided that a wand was appropriate for me, he spent time feeling out about a dozen wands before choosing. No aura photos were done during the selection process.

Aura Workshop in March 2009
In March, I will be hosting a 2 Day Aura Workshop in Carlsbad, California where we will explore a wide variety of physical objects to help participants what activates their auric field, what thing/things help coalese their auric bands and shift their feelings, thoughts, and manifestations. We will explore using foods, essential oils and essences, gemstones, and a few other interesting goodies! There will be lots of aura photos for you to create an aura photo journal.

If you are interested in the workshop, email me and I will send you a registration and workshop details. I look forward to meeting those who wish to experiement with their aura.

Until next time!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Auras Unique as Fingerprints

Ok, so I've been externally motivated by one who calls herself my "biggest cheerleader" to start to release information about the human aura that I've been collecting for several years now.

I've been able to see auras for at least a decade and a few years back I bought an aura camera so people could see what I see. In the process, I have noticed a significant change in the human aura as the planetary energy changes. For one, the Heart Chakra has shifted from the historical color of Green to Pink on a White Field.

I have been digitally capturing auras for 2 years running. I've been hosting Live!Aura workshops so people could spend time in front of the aura camera to see their aura live. Yes, I can capture the aura digitally, live, in action. It is truly amazing when you see someone's aura change when they hold certain crystals, receive Reiki Healing, or eat certain foods.

The technology has evolved now that I can capture all 7 chakras at the same time.

I have specific guidance to explore, scientifically, how the aura responds to different healing modalities and how it behaves. I am an astrologer as well and I have a couple of hypotheses I'm testing to look at the correlation of the planetary energies (natally, progressed, and transits) and the shifting color patterns and textures of the human aura.

In this blog you will find periodically that I post an aura and give an interpretation.
I have this crazy dream one day to create an aura healing chamber. We'll see.

This image is of a full body aura displaying all 7 chakras. Notice they do not look like the typical "chakra" template we see on many posters and healing books. The chakras are energy vortices and they change color, texture, and even shape. These colors we see on a typical chakra poster are . . . just a standard template.

Right side: Receiving, Incoming Energy
Keywords: Blue equates to spirituality, strong psychic sensitivities, and ability to be a teacher. The bands indicate the various layers (etheric, astral, etc) from the body. See, even the bands are different colors. I'll get into the details in a different post. I have noticed that auras can also capture thoughtforms and energy beings actually residing in the aura and showing up on film, much like a digital camera can capture orbs. This person has a very strong spiritual nature, quite psychic in fact, and as incoming energy they will be having messages coming in from through dreams.

Left side: Releasing, Outgoing energy
Keywords: Greenish-Yellow equates to mental and physical energy changes happening at one time. Energies mix and as a result interpreting gets tricky. Often I have to ignore the photo and just look at the person's aura directly with my auric sight. The body is changing (indicated by green - physical changes) because the mind is changing (indicated by yellow). Yellow is a cerebrial color, a mind color. In Bruce Lipton's book, the Biology of Belief, the body's cells respond to external energies. This person has completed a mind/body change, being refreshed with a higher vibrational spiritual energy (right: incoming). Those external energies include the auric envelope that surrounds the body. Hence, when you can shift your mind, your body will respond. It is the mind that forms the body, not the other way around. The physical body is the last stop. Yet, western medicine focuses on the body as the first line of defense. I would love to see aura machines and aura chambers used in the medical profession. Certainly that is part of Dr. Valerie Hunt's dream (http://www.bioenergyfields.org/). She is a beautiful human being.